About Power Songs

A Power Song™ is a scientifically derived, purposefully created, strategically designed and spiritually inspired*song that will help you relieve your stress while you grow your success. Each Power Song™ is unique and is specifically crafted to help you access your inner power while you relax to the gentle sounds of the music.

From CEOs to stay-at-home parents, Power Songs have helped thousands of people discover freedom, creativity, insights and ultimately the power they need to build Success on Purpose™. And now – it’s your turn!

Download your free Power Song™ and access your power now!

*To my Woo-Woo friends, Power Song™ is channeled from Spirit.

About Lorna DiMeo

Lorna DiMeo is a board certified Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, world class singer and internationally recognized healer and business coach, She has devoted the last 30 years to finding and ultimately cracking the music code, to help thousands of people worldwide get the business and the life of their dreams.

Lorna DiMeo has used her music to help thousands of moms, dads, executives and entrepreneurs to grow their success personally and professionally and her mission is to take this to millions of people around the globe so that they too can access their power and fly.  This is the precise point where science and math connect with heart and soul to create a powerful experience that anyone can use to grow their success.

And it’s Lorna’s deep privilege to provide that experience for people one on one, on-line and on stages worldwide. Success is personal, intimate and easy to achieve. And it all begins with is the right music and someone who cares enough to sing straight to your heart.


The Science of Power Songs

In the ancient world the most powerful vehicle for spiritual, mental, and physical healing was the human voice in song. Today this tradition continues in indigenous cultures where healers use music to create mental and physical harmony. Peruvian shamans and Native American medicine people heal with medicine songs.

Tibetan shamans heal with toning mantras and Greenland’s Eskimos settle arguments with song. It is a time-honored medium that is only now gaining recognition in western medicine. Science reveals that our universe is created through patterns of frequency.

All of existence – that which exists on the spiritual, mental and physical planes – is moving and vibrating. This vibration is felt most tangibly through the medium of human voice in song. Sound vibration is a nutrient for the body.

Research has shown that when we lack certain sound frequencies we can become ill. One of the most powerful ways to bring a person back into balance is to sing the missing sound frequencies that correspond to the person’s brain wave frequencies. The body receives the vibrations that in turn activate the control center of the brain that promotes healing.  What indigenous peoples knew thousands of years ago is being documented today: Sound heals and empowers. Each song resonates at a frequency that helps the body to heal. The Power Song, Tranquility, is meant to quiet the chatter of the mind and to help us let go of the tension that we hold in our body.

How to Listen

The best way to listen to this Power Song is to find a quiet comfortable place to sit or lie and close your eyes. Ask for what you want of the Power Song and then let it go. Give yourself over to the music and allow yourself to float. Experience the impact of the Power Song on your body. Feel your heart open and your spirit fly. Feel the peace and quiet that now lives in your body and mind.